tincture of mother wort herbal medicine victoria

Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) has a long and rich history in all regions of the world. Modern era herbalism takes root from dozens of cultures and traditions around the globe, and is working its way into main stream health today for its benefits it confers for treating both acute and chronic imbalances in the body.

Herbalists look at the body as a whole, nothing is isolated and everything is connected. Stemming from this holistic module of health, diet, supplements, lifestyle and emotional health are each considered in the development of a treatment plan for an individual.

Herbalists use the entire plant in their practice, with different preparations calling for the root, seed, bark or ariel parts (flowers and leaves) of the plants. These can be made into a number of different preparations such as; tinctures (alcohol base), teas, creams, capsules, glycerites (vegetable glycerine base) and syrups. 

Herbs can aid in maintaining the balance in the body as preventive medicine but can also aid in correcting a huge array of body imbalances and disease. Some examples of ailments that can be treated with herbal medicine are stress, digestive, respiratory and urinary complaints, as well as vasculature concerns, metabolic disorders, reproductive and hormonal imbalances, autoimmune and mental-emotional well being. 

People and plants are both derived from nature, which means that there are little to no side effects when using herbal medicine. The plants have a wonderful synchronistic ability to work within the body and bring it back into balance from the root cause of dis-ease. 


A faithful friend is the medicine of life
— Apocrypha