Avery herbert

Avery is a Medical Herbalist, born and raised on the incredible Vancouver Island in Southwest British Columbia. She is now living in Victoria after graduating with honors from Pacific Rim College - Diploma of Phytotherapy program, where she studied western herbalism, biomedical sciences, herbal energetics, nutrition and Ayurveda.

Avery uses a combination of Western herbal medicine, Ayurvedic philosophy and holistic nutrition in her practice to assess and treat each person based on their constitution. She studied Ayurveda under her teacher in Kerala, India in 2012 and 2016.  Now a professional member of the CHA of BC, she hopes to make Herbal Medicine accessible to all.

Other passions include, traveling, gardening, camping and volunteer Harm Reduction work. 

My story

    I grew up in the forest on 200 acres of family property. The forest was a sanctuary, a teacher and a place of deep connection for myself and my family. My roots there have always run deep and my childhood holds so many memories of exploration.

    In my teenage years, something changed. My admiration for life changed into a lack of self-confidence and self-awareness, which eventually developed into debilitating depression and dangerous unhealthy habits.

    I felt I was too fragile to cope and just wanted to disappear. My body had let me down time and time again, and I was held captive in a mind that no longer felt spirited.

    Eventually, I found reverence in plants and nature, and this began to shift my perception of self and its entirety. The desire to feel better, both emotionally and physically, came after finding something that I felt passionate about. I began to trust myself again.

    When my mind became more gentle, I felt great relief, but my physical body hadn’t yet started to integrate into my healing. I felt frustrated that it wasn’t catching up to the health standard I needed it to be, and my mind-body felt somehow disconnected.

    My digestive system had been wounded from years of misuse, I was struggling to have the energy to approach daily activities. I found myself frustrated at the lack of answers from conventional medicine and eventually had to look at approaching my health in other ways.

    I found herbal medicine to be the shift that my body was craving. Learning the plants that gave me relief became my ultimate passion. Through dedication to a new lifestyle, and the desire to know myself, I experienced a transformation that allowed me to heal.

    I am extremely passionate about internal health, and love to help individuals learn from what their bodies may be telling them. The mental and physical are profoundly connected, and healing one, always, means healing the other.