Initial 90 minute consultation  $120
This consultation fee includes the price of your first 100ml formula.

Tinctures being poured and measured

Follow up 1 hour $65

Follow up  >1 hour  $45

Acute consultation are available on a sliding scale price for basic formulations, i.e. colds/flus.




Herbal Medicine Dispensary

Each recommended formula is designed uniquely for the individual. Costs for each will vary depending on amount and forms of herbal medicine (teas, tinctures, creams, capsules). 

Typically one month's costs of medicine will range from $30-$150.

Tinctures, teas, creams and capsules are available. 

For the purchase of herbal preparations without consultation, a $5.00 dispensing fee will be initially charged, and a $2 fee per item will be applied to the cost of remedies. 

MSP does not typically cover herbal medicine, but some extended health packages may, talk to your provider for some information