“I have been battling with my health for awhile and no one in the medical field has given me hope that I can get better or at least have some help to get better. Avery is the first beautiful human that has given me some hope! Not only did she give me a massive amount of her time on our first discussion BUT she has given me some relief pretty much right away. She is kind, caring, quick to respond and just so grateful that I got referred by my friend to her. I am telling everyone I can about how awesome she is. Highly recommend!”
— Ashley
“Avery is a beautiful soul who is very knowledgeable, professional and gifted in the art of herbal medicine and healing. She takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs and works together with them to come up with a specialized plan. I am very comfortable seeking guidance from Avery when it comes to healing your body naturally and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.”
— Monika
I came to Avery for help with my kidneys and bladder. The tincture that she gave me the first time worked so well, providing me with such great relief, that I didn’t think twice about returning to her a second time. She is a truly empathetic practitioner, well versed in knowledge and meticulous in her work. I would recommend Mindful Medicine to anyone without a second thought.
— Emma
“I have been seeing Avery as a patient for the last 4 years. She helped me move over to natural/plant based remedies, after being on a strong prescription pharmaceutical. I feel more in control of my health than ever before, thanks to her guidance. Avery is a compassionate and passionate health practitioner, who takes the time to help you understand your body its issues. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take charge of their health!”
— Kim
Avery’s herbal wisdom has absolutely changed my life. She is my go to person I contact whenever I have any health issue arise. I grew up as an asthmatic and was dependant on steroid inhalers. It makes my body feel awful using inhalers, and I always choose to take a more holistic route when taking steps towards healing. Avery has made a herbal asthma emergency tincture, and one that helps with ongoing care. She also has made me amazing sinus tinctures, and she has made me a survive in the wilderness herbal care package. And they all have worked absolute wonders for my health. Avery is so attentive, intuitive, caring, empathetic, and such a nurturing soul. Her love for the potent power of herbs shines through her heart, and I honestly can’t recommend her enough. Herbs are powerful healers, and will most certainly change your life once you start using them. Avery is your perfect guide to help you start your journey with mindful medicine, making you feel safe, heard, supported, loved and nurtured.
— Lex
I have been a patient of Avery’s since 2012 while she was a student at Pacific Rim college.
Avery has been one of my biggest advocates for my well being- both physically and emotionally, helping me heal from a wide range of life happenings.
From heartbreak to chronic pain (induced by surgeries), to urinary tract issues alongside hormonal imbalances - Avery has been someone who has listened fully with compassion & care while providing deep healing remedies through teas & tinctures as well as lifestyle suggestions to support challenging times.
Being someone who has been in and out of hospitals frequently as well as exploring natural medicine extensively, I can say with confidence that Avery has been one of the most helpful & healing practitioners in my journey towards health. She constantly reminds me that she is thinking of me and my wellbeing by sending suggestions of plants & care my way. I can’t quite put into words how much this means to me & how healing it is to know that despite her busy lifestyle, Avery takes the time to support her patients deeply- this I feel is a quality of someone who truly cares about the health and well being of others, as Avery clearly portrays”.
— Bronwyn
Had my first consult tonight and loved it! I am so excited to be working with Avery during my pregnancy. She was very thorough and I could tell she is passionate about helping her patients. I can’t wait to see the results!
— Jess