Waking up early in the cold winter months: How I jump out of bed!

For anyone who knows me well, knows it is very apparent that I am not a morning person.

BUT, the last few months there is one thing that helps that awful alarm clock sound feel a little brighter and lighter as I roll out of bed. I'm sure you've heard of it - it's the bullet coffee.

bullet coffee with herbs

Although it's well known that multiple cups of coffee a day are certainly not beneficial to our health, many of us look forward to that one delicious cup in the morning to wake us up, perhaps promote a digestive movement, or just to enjoy a social habitual pattern we have grown to love.
Either way, the bullet coffee is a way to increase your healthy HDL fats in the morning - studies show these keep you full longer, improve cognitive and digestive function and lets be real..make everything taste amazing!

Coconut oil...ghee....BUTTER....in your coffee!!??? Say ..whhhattt!!??

YUP!  Any of the above! 
Personally, my favourite recipe for jumping out of bed in the morning looks like this:

Freshly ground and pressed fair trade coffee
1-2 tsp coconut oil
Dash of milk - my favourite is cashew milk
1 tbsp Additional flavours and medicine - Cocao powder, Maca, or powdered medicinal mushrooms work great! *Harmonic Arts has wonderful options for these, check out their "Activate" Blend!*
Dash of Honey or Maple Syrup or Stevia, if you're wanting to add some sweetness to your day - although this mix doesn't need it to be delicious!
Blend in Blender - Enjoy!

Mmmmm - What a way to start your day! Healthy fats for the win!

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If you're not a coffee person, OR you are looking for great coffee alternatives - switch out the fresh pressed coffee for a rich tea instead (my favourite is Chaga, Reishi or Astragalus)! Adding coconut oil to any hot drink has been a beautiful decadent treat to my day. It makes a regular everyday thing feel special, and gives me that feeling of gratitude for taking time to take care of my body.

Lets give it up for healthy fats! Improving your mind, body and spirit first thing in the morning*