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Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Tinctures and how to take your remedies

Since starting my practice and getting into the community more, I've been able to speak to so many people about herbal medicine and my passion as a practitioner. By far the most frequently asked question is "What's a tincture anyways?" Although people are used to seeing the amber glass bottles in movies filled with Unicorn's Blood, herbalist's apothecaries aren't quite that eccentric (although I love the familiarity)!


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Special-Tea! Vol. 1

New space, new inspiration, new promotions!
The Special-Tea series has officially started! I'll be offering a different promotional tea every couple weeks, they are available for purchase through Mindful Medicine and can be picked up at the new office location, or a preferred prearranged location.

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Waking up early in the cold winter months: How I jump out of bed!

For anyone who knows me well, knows it is very apparent that I am not a morning person.

BUT, the last few months there is one thing that helps that awful alarm clock sound feel a little brighter and lighter as I roll out of bed. I'm sure you've heard of it - it's the bullet coffee.

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Meet Avery & Mindful Medicine

After completing my Diploma of Phytotherapy at Pacific Rim College and taking a brief travel hiatus to India - I am now absolutely thrilled to be open for business and accepting new clients! 
However it is that we connected, or that brought you here reading this - Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking your time and interest into my hopes, dreams and hard work over the last several years.

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