Herbal Medicine for Beginners: The power of consultation

Next up on the docket..what does a consultation look like?!

If you've ever seen an Naturopath, an Acupuncturist, or Nutritionist, a Herbalist's consultation can look quite similar. Although we don't needle like an acupuncturist, we may feel the pulse, look at the tongue, nails and skin, as well as ask you what seems like a million questions. The consultation process is such an important piece of what we do. Sure we can mix you a formula for your cold or flu with only a few questions, but when we really get to know you as an individual and the story your body is telling us, that's when we as practitioners can really use the plants as tools.

Herbal preparations are really amazing at what they do, and when we have proper knowledge of what's happening in the body, we can make the formulas much more specific to each condition we are trying to target. 

Herbal medicine apothecary of dried herbs and tinctures

Usually an initial consultation takes between 60-90 minutes, while a follow up can be 15-45 minutes. Some questions might seem irrelevant or very personal, but the body is an incredible interconnected web, and although you might be here for a skin condition - there is a valid reason I'm asking about your current and past levels of stress. 

It's important to come to a consultation as open and honest as possible. The more we understand, the better we can help. We want to make sure we aren't recommending herbs that may interact with other medications you may be taking, or may just not be suited to your constitution. Over the appointment we can begin to understand the complexity that is your own body and story. 

Visit the Consultation Overview page for more details, and the Service page for costs and overview of fees.