Spring Cleansing

Spring Spring Spring!!!

What an amazing time it is.

I'm getting asked a lot about spring cleansing - and although I'm not one to promote a generic, laxative rich cleanse, I do agree that Spring is by far the best time to use cleansing herbs.

The earth is poking out all those wonderful spring time tonics which by nature are gently cleansing, alterative and rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Most people who feel healthy do not need to partake in drastic cleanses - your body does that amazing stuff for you (shoutout to our kidneys and liver!!)

By removing unhealthy foods from our diet like, sugar, alcohol, dairy and poor quality meats and adding in some gentle plant power from our favourite spring time herbs - this can be a cleanse enough!

By giving our livers a break, re-setting our digestive systems by removing poor quality, mucous forming foods, increasing water and exercise and eating WHOLE foods (nothing out of a package), your body will reap the benefits of a natural and beneficial cleanse.

Come in and book with me and we can talk about the right spring tonics for you.